Ketogenic Diet For Diabetics


Due to the exponential increase in diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes, awareness of diabetes in a general sense has become widespread. In spite of this, there is no shortage of misinformation and misunderstanding about diabetes, including similarities and differences among the different types.
Depending on the type, diet can play a significant part in the cause, prevention and especially management of the condition. A person suffering from diabetes, by necessity, must become more aware of the food they consume.
Different diets and dietary protocols become much more than fleeting choices, they are truly lifestyle choices.
The ketogenic diet is one that has gained acceptance by many sufferers and medical practitioners. However, it is also a subject that has become a victim of misunderstanding.


This ebook explains what the ketogenic diet is and how it can be of help to many diabetics. It also has chapters on ketoacidosis, which will be very helpful in clearing up common misunderstandings between that dangerous condition and ketosis, which is a natural and most beneficial result of ketogenic dieting.


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