Hormones and Your Weight


For far too long our weight management efforts have been thwarted due to misinformation. Some of this was unintentional, but sadly, some were intentionally promoted by enterprises with a focus on profit, and not health.

This eBook gives insight into factors that many people may not be aware of yet, but no doubt soon will be.

The information provided will help you understand how you can help your hormones to do what you want them to, instead of working against you.


Our hormones are incredibly powerful chemicals in our body. In tiny amounts, they trigger massive responses. When our bodies are running as they should, it is hormones that play a major role in keeping things operating. When changes occur, hormones are released to deal with it.

Specific hormones play a large role in weight management. Some are responsible for making us hungry, some for making us feel full. Others increase our propensity to lay down body fat, some of it even in specific areas.


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