Are You Stuck? Try Thinking Outside the Box

Is every day starting to feel the same as the last? Do you find yourself feeling bored or restless? Are you stuck but can’t seem to think outside your current mindset and look for new goals or choices in your life? Learning to think outside the box can help you shake up your life, embrace new ways of thinking, and help you imagine new possibilities. Not sure where to start? Here are some ways that thinking outside the box can help you and ways to get you started.

The Benefits of Thinking Outside the Box

When you learn to think about new solutions, consider new perspectives, or just acknowledge current ideas, you stop accepting the status quo in life. When you live your life in the same way all the time, you miss out on opportunities for improvement and innovation. You stop thinking that life could be better or that there are possibilities that you may be ignoring. Ignoring the need for change does not mean that things do not need to be different; it just means that never will ever be better.

You can be more successful, happier, and more productive when you break out of your rut and explore other possibilities. Thinking outside the box enables you to consider better solutions to problems, to see new perspectives that can help you think differently about others, and allows you to stay more adaptable to the many situations that life throws your ways, too.

Ways to Think Outside the Box

Start by always asking questions. When you accept things as they are, you stop being curious or wondering if there are other approaches. Instead of just saying “yes,” why not ask “why” or “what if?” Stop accepting things because this is how you have always done things and start asking what might happen if you considered a novel approach. Adopting a stance of curiosity and asking more questions opens new possibilities and makes you consider your old choices more carefully.

Try to simplify things to its most basic components. The more you try to simplify something, the harder it becomes, which forces you to consider what is essential and where are the likely problems in a situation. The simpler things become, the easier it is to think of innovative approaches or ways to solve a problem.

Sometimes, it can help to think about your situation or the problem like a child would. Forget everything you can and look at it as if you know nothing. What would be interesting to a kid? What would be confusing? How might a child begin to solve this complex problem, and what lessons can you learn from a novice’s approach to your situation? There is a lot to be gained from looking at a situation from an outsider’s perspective, especially one that has less experience than you.

Try to explain things using different genres. Instead of writing a report, can you draw a picture or write a poem that illustrates what is happening? Using different media or genre to explain an idea forces you to get creative and think differently about what you are trying to say. Sometimes, ideas are easier to express in pictures rather than words, too.

Working backward from the end objective to your current starting point is also a helpful way to think about something differently. This break’s the brains’ normal pathways for conceptualization, which means you can look at the problem with new eyes. When you are stuck with how to realize a goal, this is often a helpful strategy for thinking about it differently.

Learning to think outside of the box does not have to be complicated or hard. It just must be an original approach that forces your mind to work a little differently. And when you do it, be prepared for amazing results!!

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