Signs That You May Be Suffering from Anxiety Part 4/5

Treat your anxiety naturally first


As promised, I’m back! In this lesson, we discuss some things you can try first to treat your anxiety before seeking out help from a mental health professional.


Many times anxiety is a result of being under extreme and often chronic stress. Getting out and exercising – even if it is just a 10-minute walk – is a proven stress buster and often is the best way to reduce the level of anxiety.


Sufferers of anxiety often have thoughts racing through their mind. Either they are reliving a past experience or worrying about what is going to happen in the future. But for many, they find some solace in meditation. Whether standalone therapy or as part of yoga, meditation helps them focus on something other than bad or worrisome thoughts. Depending on the type of meditation, some types have the individual focus on something visual, like a candle flame as part of their meditation. For others, soothing sounds work better for them. The type of meditation doesn’t really matter; do what works for you.


Writing down your thoughts in a notebook or journal is a good way some people control their anxiety. There is something therapeutic about writing thoughts down on paper versus just thinking out those same thoughts. It is as if the stress flows out of the hand, through the pen and onto the paper. Another form of writing that works for some that suffer from anxiety is writing down what they are grateful for in their life.

Again, do what works for you. But if you have not tried journaling, you should as it works wonders for some people; it may work well for you.

Animal therapy

Being around animals is soothing. And because animals are non-judgmental, they are always there for you and can make your life such simpler and enjoyable. Because they need you for their basic needs, it gives you something to focus on besides you and your worries.

We only have one lesson to go. In it we wrap things up by talking about some signs that indicate that you should seek professional help. I’ll be back next Thursday!

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