How Do I Stop Worrying So Much?

A large percentage of the population find themselves worrying – maybe it’s because of work problems, relationship problems, financial problems or something completely different. For many of us, our worries and stresses are unique to ourselves. Few people may share our concerns and worries, but nobody else will have the exact combination of worries that you have. Likewise, people will respond to different strategies and therapies when it comes to de-stressing and focusing on easing worries and anxieties. However, there are some things you can do to stop worrying so much which many people report have been effective for them.

Start writing

Journaling, which is often seen as the adult version of keeping a diary, can help you to get concerns off your chest and put them to one side, even if just for a while. Some worries may be too overwhelming, but for people who worry about smaller things a lot, this can really help. You might find it is helpful to jot things down on your phone or tablet throughout the day, or spend ten minutes before going to bed writing down your thoughts and worries to put them aside until tomorrow.

Practice yoga and meditation

Some practices have been proven to reduce stresses and strains in both the body and mind. Yoga and meditation are two examples, and practicing these on a regular basis can have a positive effect on your overall health and anxiety. Yoga can restore balance within your body and release deep-rooted tensions and stresses, while meditation allows you to take time out to relax your mind and spend quiet time alone.

Don’t be so harsh

Many people are too harsh on themselves, and this results in a constant feeling of worry, stress, guilt and not being good enough. This could be in your relationships with loved ones – maybe you feel you’re not doing enough for them. It might be at work if you feel like you’re under-achieving or you’re not completing all the tasks that you wanted to complete within a certain time frame. Maybe you’ve lost a bid, or didn’t manage to get a promotion you wanted. Learning to move on from disappointments and instances where you feel you could have done better is a key part of helping yourself to worry less. But it’s something that takes practice, and it’s a habit which you’ll need to focus on building over the coming weeks and months.


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