The Power of Determination – Part 4 of 5

So, What If You Fail…

Failure is inevitable, and no one is exempt from experiencing multiple times through one’s lifetime.

You have to shrug it off and here are a few ways to deal with it…

  • See it as a learning experience and use it to fix your mistakes.
  • Understand that failure is necessary for growth and success.

Many people get too caught up in their past (It will creep up and discourage you) and lose the determination and confidence after a setback.

However, setbacks really do not matter in the grand scheme of things and this is where the line is usually drawn between being complacent and progressing.

Shrug it off and move forward because pondering on your failures creates no benefits for you.

Block Out the Noise

Determination requires the ability to block out noise. Seeing through the distractions is a valuable tool to have and will benefit you in every way possible.

Noise can come in the form of people around you, the media, society etc.

All these distractions can really influence one’s thought process and blocking them out is a typical reaction of the determined.

Don’t Waste Time

Being too obsessed with time where it discourages you due to a failure is completely different than wasting your precious time.

The things that cause us to waste time include:

  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Procrastination
  • A lack of determination
  • Uncertainty

Doing nothing is not better than doing something. Often times our fears of past failures and just being complacent will result from a lack of determination. Uncertainty will also cause time wasting because we’re never sure of whether we’d actually be wasting our time if we put our efforts into something.

The power which determination possesses is what is actually necessary to push aside these factors and to get what you want.

The goal regardless of the reason is to always get a certain feeling and/or experience a result due to the willpower to make it through a certain challenge/experience.

It’s OK to Be Alone in Your Journey

Determination can vanish as a result of being alone in your journey. The will to quit is one decision away but do you always need someone cheering you on? The answer to that is no.

Most people that are determined to do something usually go through it alone because the uniqueness of such strong will-power is seldom seen.

Dependence is a common characteristic because we grow up with friends, family etc. and other people which surround us and give us a sense of comfort. Well to think this always has to be the case is a big mistake.

It holds people back from doing what they know they should be doing but the thought of being alone is scary for a lot of people.

Nobody wants to walk the path alone (especially these days) because society has put that in our heads.

Many would call a determined person strange because of this “lonely” thought process but in fact it’s just the test of a strong mind and will.

Create Good Habits

Effective determination comes from making good habits in life. Good habits and a good thinking process will lead you to meaningful determination.

Habits are everything when it comes to accomplishment and success but without them, you’ll always be in the dark.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can blindly have a strategy because the whole point of having a good strategy is so that we can be more productive and effectiveness with anything in life.

Habits that create good choices are a pathway for the power of determination to do its best work. You have something incredibly useful to work toward and generally the most successful people have good habits which allow their will-power to take them even further.

It’s called “gaining momentum.” Now determination will help us to gain momentum and then we can be off to achieving anything we desire.

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