The Power of Determination – Part 3 of 5

Learn From The Determined

How many of us have been inspired by someone else’s achievements? Chances are everyone has at some point. The thing is… the person who was determined, knew why they needed to be determined. They wanted to solve a problem and/or be someone who they desired to become.

Maybe your reason for being determined means overcoming an illness, getting your desired job, starting a business etc.…

Well many people have accomplished these things and the great thing about living in our current times is that we don’t have to make the same mistakes which were made before us. If something has been accomplished by someone else, then there’s no reason why you cannot have the determination to do the same thing. Even if you’re the first to try something, there’s a lot of inspiration out there to base your decision to try from.

Maybe you want to be different or maybe you want to prove someone wrong… well, others have paved the way for us to have the confidence to be determined to succeed.

 Role models can be found in many shapes and form but if one thing is for sure, it’s that we can learn so much from them.

Determination Will Give You What Others Could Never Achieve

If there’s one thing that separated success from crushed dreams, it’s the power of being determined to keep going when others quit. Giving up is so common these days, that the ones who keep on pressing forward reach a place of being envied by others.

Look around and you’ll see that anyone who has ever achieved anything great has put in overtime consistently for a long period of time. No success comes overnight but one thing we have to agree on is the fact those who endure the wait, are usually the ones who are rewarded the most often.

Accomplishment is predicated on the simple action of pushing through the pain and uncertainty in life.

Be unique and stay true to your dreams when others give up on them. It will pay off in some shape or form, but persistence is surely the key and the most important tool you have.

The Determination Journey

You’ll Never Know Until You Try

Fear and uncertainty limit us so much more than we could ever know. The only thing that can change this way of thinking is being determined to do something anyway. Doing things out of fear will allow us to learn things about ourselves which we never thought would be possible otherwise. The weakness factor comes into play when we are faced with challenges, we feel are out of our league, but you’ll never know what could have been achieved until you try.

It’s not easy by any means and honestly… it’s not supposed to be.

Trying comes with not knowing what the outcome will be many times. We have to get used to this fact and just be determined to do all we can to make sure we gave something our best shot. The biggest mistake we can make is to abandon a possibility and leave it out there for someone else to take from us.

What to Do When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Well… this is up to you to decipher.

Ask yourself a few questions to identify the most reasonable course of action…

  • Have you given something enough time?
  • Are you going about it the right way?
  • Do you want whatever you’re pursuing?
  • Can you continue?
  • What would happen if you gave up?

The point here is that you know deep down inside whether you desire to have something or not. You know how you’d feel if you stopped progressing and you know that things don’t happen overnight. This is hard to accept but sometimes things do not change after weeks, months and even years but just think… you’d be no different than anyone else trying to accomplish something.

So, is giving up really worth it? You may have to deal with the consequences if you do and if you’re ok with it then you can make your decision accordingly. However, life is a long journey and we never stop learning and improving, so don’t settle just because things aren’t going your way. Slow and steady wins the race and with some good determination, you can keep moving forward without feeling the need to throw in the towel.

What Have You Accomplished So Far?

You may need to switch directions halfway through something and there’s nothing wrong with this. You can base your next move on your progress and you’ll know you’re making progress when you accomplish even little things. Sometimes if we are determined to do something we give up because we feel that the little things we’ve done are not enough. Just ask yourself what you’ve accomplished so far regardless of how small or significant and you’ll start to appreciate small achievements.

Don’t Get Caught up with Worrying About Time

Failure ultimately fuels disappointment and a lot of time this has to do with the inability to accomplish something with a certain timeframe. It’s ok to take a little longer to do something but as long as you remain determined, you’ll have less to worry about. Plus, you take a weight off by understanding that things can take more time to actually achieve. Now, it’s ok to set a general timeframe for wanting to reach a certain goal but just don’t get too caught up with worrying about time…

You just have to be determined to do what you set out to do and that’s it. There’s no blueprint to follow.

Now, if we’re talking about meeting a deadline set by someone else then it’s a bit different. This requires determination but there’s a little more pressure involved. The reasons for needing to complete something within a timeframe with no exceptions can vary greatly. However, the one thing that will remain the same is the power which comes from being super determined. We, as humans, can do way above and beyond what we think we can do.

Now we may not succeed at everything but it’s ok, all you need is to be determined to keep trying and eventually you’ll break through your perceived limitations and your failures will be insignificant while even helping you in the long run.


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