The Power of Determination – Part 1 of 5

Why do some people give up so easily on goals which they have set out to accomplish? Well there could be something said for their lack of determination. Failure is such an easy thing to succumb to because our society makes us believe we have to accomplish so much, yet we seldom are able to actually achieve things at a pace comfortable for us. This is a big reason for a lack of confidence as well and the only things which can propel us beyond this thought process is will-power and determination to succeed at the task at hand. The drive to be determined can be completely unrelated to success and everyone’s reason for it is different. Sometimes we have no choice but to tap into our inner-ability to bring out a willpower which is innate in us. However, one thing is very sure and that is the legitimacy of the “power of determination” … when you’re determined there’s little that can stop you from achieving your desired results.

Why You Need To Be Determined

Determination is necessary for achieving the most challenging of obstacles. Without it, we become lazy and never accomplish anything. It’s way too easy to just say “you know, this is too hard and/or it’s hopeless.” These poisonous words will counteract your ability to be determined because you’ve already accepted defeat. The most successful people in the world are/were determined to get to where they currently are. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to love what you’re doing because honestly there are undesirable aspects to any and every goal in life.

Heck… you can be determined and accomplish something that you absolutely hate!

That’s right! Determination is a versatile tool which can be used to get through any tough situation/s you may encounter. It separates the men from the boys and requires a unique desire within.

Determination VS Motivation

Now these two words can go hand in hand but make no mistake, they are two different things and you must know the difference.

Determination can be defined in a few different ways:

  • The willpower to accomplish something
  • Having absolute purpose and firmness is the belief to achieve a goal




Motivation can be defined as:

  • A reason to do something
  • Utilizing an external source to create the desire to do something.

So, as you can see, the differences are evident, however the two can be synergistic in nature and both can be very useful.

The thing with motivation is many people rely on it in order to make a significant move, but motivation will not always be there. Which is why we have to make the decision to do something regardless of how we feel, and determination will take us the rest of the way. Now, we can keep motivated by always remembering the desired end result or external influences but when it’s not there, we need to still be aware of the mission and push through to the finish line.


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