Five Reasons to Expand Your Comfort Zone

What is a “comfort zone?” It’s the feeling where things in your life are familiar, predictable, and safe. As pleasant as that sounds, there are five essential reasons to expand your comfort zone. If you want to live life to the fullest, you need to expand your comfort zone to learn and grow.

1. Build Confidence
If your comfort zone is too small, there will be many things outside of it that make you feel less confident. Overcoming obstacles and reaching goals requires confidence in your skills and abilities. According to Forbes business magazine, if you don’t expand your comfort zone, you don’t build your confidence to handle new things in life. No one masters something on the first try. Being confident in your abilities takes practice. People who don’t expand their comfort zones don’t have the opportunity to practice new skills or develop new abilities. Their confidence and self-esteem decrease, creating barriers to their success.

2. Decrease Stress
People who live inside a narrow comfort zone are surrounded by things that cause them stress. Because they aren’t familiar with things outside their comfort zone and don’t trust their ability to handle new ideas, new experiences become a stressor for them. Doctors recommend expanding your comfort zone to decrease stress by limiting the unfamiliar and teaching yourself to be comfortable with multiple situations.
Everyone needs time to recharge and prepare for life’s challenges. By expanding your comfort zone and decreasing stress, you have a greater opportunity to find peaceful situations and time to recharge. If your comfort zone is small, there may be too many stressors in your life to allow you to relax.

3. Expanding Your Comfort Zone Gets Easier with Practice
The first time you try something new, you might be afraid of the unknown. People often worry if their inexperience will cause them to make a mistake and be embarrassed. But the more often you expand your comfort zone, the easier new things become. Once you’ve succeeded at something, it’s easier to try another new thing. You can build on your success and confidence for the next challenge you face. In time, you’ll look forward to expanding your comfort zone even more because of the benefits you’ve already received.

4. Develop New Ideas
Remember, your comfort zone is where things are familiar and predictable. New ideas come from expanding your comfort zone, not from staying inside of it. You can’t find new ways to overcome obstacles or enjoy new pleasures in life if you always do the same thing. Writers at Success magazine credit expanding their comfort zones for helping them create new ideas for their businesses and lives. They report a greater sense of satisfaction and work and at home when they expand their comfort zones and try new things. This sense of accomplishment doesn’t happen if you stay inside your comfort zone. Expanding your comfort zone gives you access to new thoughts, ideas, and opportunities for success.

5. Know Yourself
What do you want in life? Knowing yourself and what you want to accomplish only comes when you expand your comfort zone. Otherwise, you are only repeating the same things day after day, without considering new options or choices. You may lose out on great opportunities or the chance to better yourself if you always stay inside your comfort zone.
Psychologists tell us that the difference between “I can do that” and “I can’t do that” is determined by the size of your comfort zone. The more you expand it, the better you will know what you can accomplish. You’ll also be ready to achieve it when you are comfortable expanding your comfort zone and reaching for your goals.

The five reasons to expand your comfort zone will help you learn, grow, and achieve more in life. Keeping your comfort zone too small limits your opportunities and ability to succeed. If you want to live life to its fullest, now is the time to start expanding your comfort zone.

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