Is it safe to visit Mom on Mother’s Day?

This Sunday, the Covid-19 pandemic, which already has scarred many celebrations — Mardi Gras, St Patrick’s, Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Graduations — will run over another. Even for the most ardent social distancing enthusiast, the urge to gather, cheat, bend the rules, try to outsmart the current rules, will be intense. I mean, if the weather is nice, we could sit outdoors six feet apart and wave, right? But let’s be smart and safe about this. This is just one year (hopefully) of missing, changing, or altering the celebration of the first relationship we have. For many, there will be many more to come.

Virtual or in person?
Families that live far away from mothers or grandmothers are the only ones with a simple choice – call or video-chat. But what if you usually head over to see Mom, or she visits, or you meet in a restaurant or for a drink? What should you do? As difficult as it is, the answer is simple. Don’t. The visit is simply not worth the risk (however small) of exposing Mom or your family to the virus that causes Covid-19. Besides, we have Zoom (with a two-month lead on how to use it), Facetime, or Skype for a few options.  

But, what about food?
From experience, I can tell you  that the busiest day for restaurants is not Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but Mother’s Day. This one is easy, order in meals for Mom and you and your siblings and the entire extended family. The joy of watching a loved one pack down a good meal, even on video, is much better than consuming the meal. Plus, food adds easy topics for consideration during the e-chat.

And what about Grandma?
This is the only truly difficult question. What to do about an elderly mother or grandmother living alone or in a long-term care facility? Inquire as to whether the nursing home or long-term care facility can provide access for that family Zoom, Skype or other video chat. If they can, provide a meal for Mom, and problem solved. If they can’t – provide the meal for Mom and let her know how much she is missed and loved. 


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