Baby Steps: Getting Started with Personal Development

Personal development is a process whereby one takes measures to enhance their knowledge and develop new skill sets as a means of maximizing potential. Personal development helps people to build upon what they know, make more use of their talents, and extend beyond their comfort zone which leads to growth, improvement, and advancement (Waheeda, 2019). The pursuit of personal development should be a lifelong journey, as one should always aim to be the best version of themselves possible. Thus, let’s outline some simple steps for pursuing personal development in everyday life.

Seek Out Information

One of the best ways to begin a journey of personal development is by seeking out information from a wide array of sources. Information is the foundation of understanding, so it is vital to read, listen, and observe as much as possible in order to grow in your knowledge. Additionally, by ensuring you are obtaining information from a variety of sources, you’re able to get a more well-rounded view that allows you to form more accurate conclusions and comprehend more.

Challenge Yourself

The only way you will ever grow in a given area is to face challenges in that area. When we are comfortable we don’t grow. It is only when we pursue something just out of reach or just outside the limits of our understanding that we are able to broaden our scope and deepen our knowledge (Morris, 2017).

Set Goals

Along the same lines as pursuing challenges is setting goals. The only way to measure growth is to set goals and targets that can be reached to prove mastery and comprehension. Goals set should be S.M.A.R.T. The acronym stands for the following: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound (Paul, 2013). Following this guideline will ensure goals set can be reached and allow you to assess the extent to which you’ve progressed and grown in a specific area.

Be Persistent and Consistent

Consistency is required when pursuing personal development. True growth is not something that can be obtained after one or two times. Lasting growth is achieved by regularly pursing knowledge, intentionally seeking out challenges, and persistently setting larger and higher goals for one’s self (Morris, 2017). The process of personal development will not be simple nor will it be enjoyable at all times, but a strong determination to continue in the pursuit will pay off in the end.

Get a Mentor

Mentors are an incredible resource in the pursuit of personal development. Mentors are generally experts in their sphere of influence, but at the very least they are people more knowledgeable and experienced than you in a particular area. Mentors add value because they can lead and guide you as you pursue information and challenge yourself. Having been down a similar path to obtain their current level of mastery, they know the challenges to be faced and the pitfalls to avoid (Rohn, 2019). Having a mentor to consult as a means of helping you think and work through challenges ultimately ensures that you stay on the right track towards meeting your outlined goals and expanding your understanding.

Personal development is a great pursuit and useful pursuit. Not only is it useful to you because it allows you to continually evolve and mature as an individual, but that growth makes you an asset to others seeking out information and guidance. Personal development should be a process we all aim to incorporate in our daily lives in some form or fashion. Development equates to growth and growth equates to advancement, and we all want to progress in our lives as much as possible. Below are some suggestions for additional information and guidance.


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