Taking Care of YOU

At the pace we are going nowadays, it isn’t too hard to get overwhelmed at some point. Your boss gave you more work than you can get done with the time she/he allotted. Projects around the house that need to get done are piling up. The stress just continues to build. And if you happen to be a caregiver for a friend or family member on top of it, you are further stressed each and every day.

But for many faced with this situation, it seems wrong to them to ease off and to sometimes take a little time to take care of themselves. But it is important to do this or at some point, the stress gets to be more than anyone can handle and like an overstretched balloon, the person pops emotionally.

Why Self-Care is Important

The biggest answer to this question is another question: If you go down, who is there to do what you keep doing every day? If you are a caregiver too, then the person you are tasked with taking care of is suddenly left without help. So, while self-care may sound indulgent, it is not only important but critical both to you and those you take care of around you!

Three Reasons to Practice Self-care:

  1. It prevents overload burnout. Overload burnout is the point where you have pushed yourself and you can’t push any further or longer, so you just give up. Another phrase that would cover it is emotional overwhelm.
  2. It negates the effects of stress overload. When stressed, cortisol is dumped into your bloodstream. Biologically, this should happen very rarely, but in the person who is chronically stressed, it is an everyday occurrence. Having that much cortisol in your bloodstream continuously starts to cause health issues over time.
  3. It helps you focus better and deal with the stressors you face each day.

Many people look at self-care as a reward. For example, they will force themselves to finish a batch of work before taking a break to eat lunch, instead of eating lunch at a normal time and finishing the work after lunch.

Self-care should not be viewed as a reward, but part of a normal process of the daily grind. Contrary to what some believe, the world will not fall apart if they take an hour per day to care for themselves.


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