Self-Improvement as a Goal in Life

Most people get their priorities in life wrong. Some think that money is everything in life, therefore, pursuing wealth as their life long goal. Some believe that life is all about having fun. Therefore, they pursue fun to the fullest and put it as their life long goal. This does not bode well since such people end up living very stressful lives. For one to live a healthy life, self-improvement should be the key goal in life. We have all seen or heard of cases where people try their level best to improve on their general selves but their efforts prove to be fruitless. This does not mean that improving yourself is impossible.

It just implies that improving on yourself is not something that is done haphazardly; it requires determination, drive, and the formation of a certain set of habits in order to be successful. These new habits should be positive. There are some things that you may do that can derail the whole process. They are negative habits and need to be reduced.

In simple terms, self-improvement involves reducing negative habits and increasing positive habits in your life. These positive habits are formed to act as a guide to self-improvement. They guide one through the whole process. In fact, without them, improving oneself seems like a dream that is way beyond reach.

There are several types of positive habits that help people improve themselves. The most important one is a conversation with one’s self. This might sound absurd but speaking to yourself has been ranked as one of the best ways to improve on yourself. This was proven through scientific research. Researchers concluded that words are much more effective than thoughts. In that case, instead of spending time thinking, talk to yourself and plan how you are going to improve yourself. Tell yourself what you dream about improving and how you are planning to do it. This will be effective. Always keep your “self-talk” positive. Remind yourself of the positive changes you are making in your life.

Talking alone will not be helpful without putting these words into action and practicing what you say you are going to do. Saying that you are going to change this or that will do no good unless you actually do it. You need to put into practice the plans that you have verbalized. This is necessary if you are planning to improve anything. Take for example a basketball player. It takes years of practice for him or her to play professional basketball. Even after professional status is reached, the practice continues. The same applies to our lives. It can take several months or even years of practicing what we plan to improve in order to become our better selves.

Self-improvement is really a very simple thing if we follow the right path and never give up!

Here are some books I suggest for more information about self-talk.



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