5 Self-Care Habits That Improve Mental Health

Far too often we ignore our mental health in favor of focusing on other things. This is dangerous, and it is a big reason why issues like depression are becoming much more common in the West. In this lesson, you are going to see some self-care habits that can help you to improve your mental health.


Keep Up with Basic Hygiene

During rough periods, it can be easy to forget about things like shaving or dressing especially nice. Likewise, during especially rough periods, some people forgo basic hygiene entirely and start wearing the same clothes for days at a time and some don’t even bathe. This can have an adverse impact on your mental health.  Taking care of yourself can make you feel a lot better about yourself mentally, so make sure to keep up on things like shaving, even if they may seem like a burden at the time.

Practice Positive Visualization

It is really easy to get overly caught up in negative thinking. If something bad happens in your life, it can lead to nonstop negative thinking. So, one self-care habit that can help when it comes to improving your mental health is to try positive visualization.

Tidy Up Your Workspace and Home

There is something to be said about the negative effects of working and/or living in an untidy area. A cluttered workspace or a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind. It may take a bit of time, but the mental health benefits associated with tidying up areas where you spend a lot of time can be surprisingly large.

Try Building a Positive Vision Board

One of the most surprisingly effective things that you can do for your mental health is to build a positive vision board. For those unfamiliar with vision boards, they are boards with visual images, inspirational quotes, and other things that are designed to put you in an uplifting mood. Think about some things that make you motivated and happy and then put them on your vision board. Stick the board somewhere where you will see it often, and it can really help to improve your overall mental health.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is somewhat similar to meditation, but it is a lot easier to do and just as good for your mental health. Mindfulness basically involves taking some time (it can be as short or as long as you want) to just clear your mind. You just sit with the quiet and try your best to focus on nothing, which helps with things like stress and anxiety.

We only have one lesson left. In it we wrap things up by talking about how not eating healthy is another sign self-care is lacking.

Until next week – here’s to a better you!

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