The 5 Important Assets of Our Lives

We are all looking for different things in life. Some of us want to become rich, some of us are looking for fame and some are looking for things they can do to improve society at large. But, though we are here for different things, there are several common elements among us, and this is true for a king as well as a beggar. These are the things that we can count as our assets. All our activities are so that we can preserve these assets we have.

Asset # 1: Our Self

Our self comes above everything else. This relates to the people we are within, our individuality… our thoughts and beliefs… our likes and dislikes. All these things make up our selves. We are all given unique personalities and we need to preserve them. Enhancements and modifications always keep happening within us, but at the core of it all, we are who we are.

Asset # 2: Our Family

The second important thing in our lives is our family. A large part of what we do throughout our lives is for and with our families. We are always engrossed in their improvement and advancement. We want to progress in lives, but we want to progress with our families. Most of us plan out our lives keeping our families in mind as well.

Asset # 3: Our Love

Love is something that gives meaning to our lives. Relationships give our lives a new direction, and we gain in strength. We need to preserve the love that we get, especially the love that we get from people we don’t know from birth.

Asset # 4: Our Friends

Friends are important to us because they are so influential in our lives. The way our friends think and act somehow influences our beliefs and actions too. It is easy to make friends but more difficult to preserve them. However, preserving friendships should be a constant endeavor in our lives. This is something that can take us ahead.

Asset # 5: Our Passion

All of us have some passion in our lives. The passion is defined by what we want to do in life, where we want to take our life. Our lives are the most ideal if our passion gets converted into our profession. If we do what we enjoy doing the most, we will never have to work a single day in our life.

In order to achieve personal and/or professional fulfillment and happiness, one must learn how each of these assets works in our lives. Read and re-read this article and see if you can define the role that each asset affects and forms your person and your personality. In the coming weeks, we will look at ways to use these assets to the fullest to bring about a NEW YOU for the NEW YEAR!

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