Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello again! So far we have covered that feeling constantly tired is a sign of a lack of self-care. In this lesson, we continue with a discussion on another sign – constantly feeling overwhelmed. Let’s get started!

Our lives today are busier than they have ever been at any point in history. All of the devices that are supposed to make our lives easier are making them more difficult because they increase the amount of information we get daily and have to filter through. And if that is not enough, your boss has given you more work than you can do in the time allotted. And on top of that, your co-workers are asking if you can help them out with a project that they are behind on.

Oh, and let’s not forget that you still have a family to take care of and a household to run. So, it is no wonder that many of us are feeling overwhelmed daily. All of this “stuff” going around inside your head is causing anxiety and is what keeps you awake at night, thus making our problem of not being able to sleep even worse! So, what do you do?

Well first, you reduce the effect of technology, by only checking emails a couple of times per day. If it is anything really important, they will call if you have not responded in a reasonable amount of time. And remember in the last lesson about not using a blue-light emitting device close to bedtime. It tricks your mind into thinking it is morning and time to get up.

Two, negotiate with your boss to see if you can have more time to complete the work. If not, then number three next might free up some additional time you can use for your projects.

Three, learn to say no to your co-workers when they ask for help. I know it may sound cruel, but after a couple of times of turning them down, they will learn to ask someone else, thus freeing up more time to do your work.

Fourth, enlist family members to help you run your household. There is no reason your children can’t help around the house by cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, packing their lunches, etc. Not only does it develop good life skills they can use after leaving home, but it will free up time for you to have some me-time.

Once you have some free time for yourself, you will find that your anxiety level will go down and you will be able to feel less overwhelmed and sleep better and longer.

A certain amount of stress is just a fact of life today and you can’t get rid of all of it, but you can get it down to a manageable level … so that it is not affecting your sleep.

That was interesting, wasn’t it! In the next lesson, we delve into the world of exercise and how it is a sign of a lack of self-care if you are not doing it. See you then!

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