7 Reasons To Take The Quality of Your Sleep Seriously

We don’t yet fully understand everything about sleep patterns, but we do know that it is essential for good health to get enough of it on a regular basis. Experiments and research have shown that rapid eye movement, which is a zone of sleep that we all go through every night, is extremely important.  It’s during this time that our brain either makes sense of the millions of thoughts that we experience throughout the day or acts to debunk them. People who are starved of quality sleep quickly deteriorate mentally. There is also a form of detoxing going on inside our body. Some of the hormones that are usually cleaned out of our system are related to the onset of brain disease like Alzheimer’s.

Sleep is so essential in our daily lives that the effects when we are deprived of it show up alarmingly quickly. Even not getting enough sleep in 24 hours can increase stress tremendously. Here are seven reasons to take the quality of your sleep seriously.

Breast Cancer

Research has revealed that women who regularly have less than six hours of sleep a night are far more prone to aggressive cancers. This is especially so in patients who have previously suffered from an episode of breast cancer.

Blood Pressure

There is a well-established link between short and long-term sleep deprivation and blood pressure. With some irony, too much sleep has been linked to the same thing.

The Immune System

The stress caused by lack of sleep also helps to break down the efficient functioning of the body’s natural immune system. This allows viruses like the flu and other diseases to find their way in and take hold.


A lack of sleep is a common cause of anxiety, which can easily lead to depression if the problem continues over any length of time. This can become a vicious cycle as depression is known to have a negative impact on sleep patterns. This, of course, compounds the problem.

Putting on Weight

Poor food choices have long been associated with poor quality sleep. They have also been linked to the release of certain hormones that inhibit the area of the brain that controls emotions. This can make us less likely to distinguish between good and bad food choices. It is also not uncommon to overeat when tired due to hormonal changes.

Mood Swings

Once long-term sleep cycles are disrupted, anxiety, irritability and even depression can start to rear their heads. All these moods can have a negative impact on our lives. How we interact with one another is extremely important for mental health, and sleep deprivation can cause changes that make us moody and less receptive to conversation. This can massively impact both personal and business relationships and can even cause irreparable damage in some cases. Constant poor sleep can also damage our ability to concentrate or focus, which can be extremely dangerous if driving or handling machinery.

Getting the proper amount of sleep nightly will aid in the reduction of stress.

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