Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is quite popular and over the years has seen an increasing amount of case studies. It was at one point only used to treat diabetes but over the years, it has become mainstream and the go-to diet for rapid weight loss and other related health benefits.

Like everything, there are pros and cons of the Keto diet of which we will discuss below.


  • Fat loss

The number one reason why people start the keto diet is because of the short space of time it takes to lose fat. There are other diets out there that help with weight loss but the keto focuses purely on fat as well as weight. Other diets that restrict caloric intake can help you lose weight but that can come from excess body water or lean muscles. What you want to aim for is fat loss and the keto diet is the perfect diet for it.

  • Better results compared with other diets

A comparison test that was concluded over a twelve-month period, showed that diets in the low carb and high fat group, were better than those with high protein and low fat. The keto diet also had the most weight loss.

  • Better retention of muscle mass

Due to the unique way that the keto diet focuses on burning fat rather than focusing on weight loss, the results are that you will have better body composition. Think of it this way, fat is covering the muscle you already have. By burning the fat and leaving the muscle you will have a more visually appealing body.

  • Appetite reduction

The hardest part of any diet is staying true to yourself and not eating when you are not supposed to. It is if not the only but the biggest reason why a lot of people quit their diet. Nobody wants to be restricted to what they can eat and the foods they love are so tempting. The keto diet takes your appetite and reduces it so much that you don’t feel like eating or have any temptations to cheat.

  • Lowers insulin

To reduce your insulin levels you need to follow a low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. This can also be very beneficial to your health by avoiding type 2 diabetes as well as slowing down the aging process.

  • Stable blood sugar levels

Lowering the number of carbs you consume means that your blood sugar levels will remain healthy at all times. Due to the small number of carbs that enter the system, it shouldn’t directly affect your levels and will be stable throughout the day.

  • Energy

If you ever wanted a clean source of energy, the keto diet has been proven to provide a surge of energy as it adjusts to the keto diet, this is because you are no longer eating processed food and loads of saturated fat.

  • The “WOW” factor

Not only will you have plenty of energy, but you will also be feeling much better, your mood will show this and people will notice.

  • Less sleep

This is a pro. No one has scientific proof as to why this happens but eating a healthy low carb, high-fat diet means you don’t require as much sleep. It is easier to wake up in the mornings without feeling the need to hit the snooze button.



  • Low carb flu

The majority of people who have tried the keto diet for at least two weeks have reported feeling ill and weak. This is part of the process and suffering from keto-flu only lasts a week. Your body was accustomed to eating a high carbohydrate diet, so your body, in essence, is cleansing itself adapting to a new diet.

  • Headaches

This will happen often during the first week as you are losing a lot of water. The headaches can be quite painful so a quick remedy would be to add a little salt to your water or drinking a bone broth.

  • Sluggish digestion

Not being hydrated and eating low carb meals will cause constipation. You can fix this by eating more fiber of the good kind. This can be low start vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

The pros completely outweigh the cons of the ketogenic diet, negative effects occur within the first week but proper control and you can bypass all the symptoms together.

Make a start on this diet and you will see long term health benefits that will benefit you for years to come providing you stay focused.

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