Why is The Keto Diet Effective for Weight Loss?

Most people who are on a keto diet will begin and end it with no results or simply give up completely. This follows the whole New Year resolutions and busy gyms in January prove this to be the case but come March, that is the wind in the air and the gyms are left with the noise of crickets and the whole process begins again come December. While that happens times and time again, over a period of time the people that keep on quitting will get larger and larger. Many people quit because they don’t see instant results or in some cases faster than that…yes you read that right.
This is perfectly normal because you are busting your butt sweating and putting a lot of effort into it, with nothing to show for it on the scales. Once you see that scale needle move…it becomes the motivation for you to keep going.

  • What does the keto diet have to do with this?

Absolutely everything! The keto diet is, if not the only, but one the most successful diets on the planet and time and time again it has been proven to work. People across the world have shed weight quicker with this diet. If you want motivation to keep on going with losing weight, then let this be it, you will get results a lot quicker.
The biggest thing to come to grips with is that you have to eat natural fats to lose fat. Going back in time, it would have been WW3 if you told people to add coconut oil to their diets. They would look at you as if you had a nuclear bomb and start to run.
It was the media that caused this type of thinking due to selling hydrogenated vegetable oils that you still see today. All clean, golden and healthy-looking but can cause tremendous damage to your body. Other health issues such as obesity and inflammation are the cause of these so-called healthy oils. Over time these oils will harm you while coconut oil will help you lose weight at a rapid rate.

  • Do I need to eat fat to lose fat?

Yes, but you will only be eating fats that are natural and healthy and you’ll be reducing your carb intake. If you look at the ingredients of man-made food, you will notice that they are full of sugar and carbs. This is one of the biggest reasons why the world population has become larger.
As your diet is mostly about fats, your body is being trained to deal with all the healthy fat that you are consuming. It makes your body more capable to burn off the fat in your fat stores which is hanging on your belly and thighs. Stubborn fat is called that for a reason as your body is trying to stop you from getting rid of the fat it sees as energy to use in the future. Your body will soon realize you are constantly sending it good fats (energy) and will give up holding onto that stubborn fat for good.

  • The secret to shedding fat is ketosis!

As you master the art of getting 80% of your calories from good fats and 20% from protein, your body will be in a state called ketosis. Your blood sugar levels will return to normal and your body will begin to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. The secret to burning body fat is to train your body to use the fat it has instead of glucose for energy. Being on the keto diet will restrict your carb intake as well as reduce your glycogen stores.
As the glycogen stores are depleted, your body will have no choice but to burn the excess fat that it already has. The reason why people are putting on weight is that they are eating when their glycogen stores are full, and any excess glucose is converted to fat.
You now understand why your body treats this fat as stored energy. Glucose is used for fuel and extra glucose is basically fat. The keto diet removes the excess fat and turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

For the next two Wednesdays, we will look at misconceptions about losing weight on the Keto Diet.
Seriously give it a go, you have nothing to lose except your weight.

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