Functional Fitness – Part 3

So, now we know what “functional fitness”, we have talked about its benefits and components and some examples. But how do we get started?
The truth is that functional exercises, like other full-body workouts are more difficult than machines, as they are more demanding on the body.
If you are over 40 or have health problems you should check with your doctor before starting functional or any other exercise program. Women who are pregnant should check with their doctors as well.
When starting functional training, it’s best to begin with bodyweight exercises instead of using weights. You can add weights as you get more fit because they will add resistance and, therefore, challenge your body.
Those who are experienced fitness buffs can certainly engage in intermediate and advanced level moves in functional training. These types of exercises can be added to a regular workout routine. It’s important to note that many functional moves have other benefits and target other fitness goals, such as strength training, fat burning, and heart health, so choosing a specific functional exercise in lieu of using a weight machine kills two birds with one stone.
It is important to learn proper form, and there are lots of videos and resources online that can help.
Hiring a personal trainer to teach you some moves is another great way to get started. They can be very helpful with showing you proper form and also for creating a customized workout plan based on your needs and lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

It is never too late to get started with improving your stability and balance that will serve you in your everyday life.

Get functional, stay strong!

Get started today!

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