Affirmations For Success

Visualization is a very powerful tool to use for almost any purpose. In order to give more credibility to an affirmation, visualizing it can bring it to a whole other level of reality. This reality in the mind’s eye helps to create positive energy that centers itself in following the affirmation to its goal’s end.
As in everything, there are good and bad points. Affirmation is a great tool to have in the face of adversities that require a positive mindset. However, even the element of affirmation when not used correctly can be useless. Hence these are some points that should be considered with regard to the affirmation.

See It

Not to be confused, the terms daydreaming and visualization techniques are not the same. While daydreaming does not really spur an individual to achieve a goal, visualization does, especially if coupled with the affirmation element. Seeing something in the mind’s eye as real somehow transcends into the physical by means of actually working toward achieving that which was visualized. The subconscious will then be constantly reminding the mind to be alert for ways and means to prove the affirmation true or to bring the affirmation into reality. This will have a physical impact on the body which will send chemical messages throughout the body to respond accordingly.
If the affirmation is associated with a material object, visualizing the ownership of the said object also helps to further strengthen the resolve to achieve the goal behind the affirmation.
Many breakthroughs have been made in the healing or medical field by promoting the use of visual affirmation. For the healing process to achieve its highest potential, it’s necessary to use as many supportive tools as possible. Therefore visualizing the complete recovery from the negative medical condition using visual affirmation is encouraged. It also helps the individual to understand the medical problem better and not be afraid of it. In not being afraid and understanding the workings of the disease, positive affirmation over the disease is effective. Visualization allows for some level of control over the success of the affirmation.

The Errors

  • Giving up too easily is one of the common reasons why goals are not reached even with the assistance of positive affirmation. Creating a routine of sorts helps to reinforce the affirmation daily and thus cause the lasting effect to build upon itself. The idea is that every time the affirmation is verbalized or used the resulting mindset and confidence are magnified. Thus by giving up too early in the race towards the goal the affirmation does not get the chance to manifest positively.
  • Don’t vary the affirmations too much. In fact, it would be a good idea to stick to one affirmation until the desired results start to take “shape”.  The danger in having too many different affirmations is that the mind becomes confused and cannot concentrate on the various affirmations and thus no real breakthroughs are experienced. Devoting one affirmation to one project at a time is very wise.
  • The ability to focus the attention on the affirmation is also another crucial point to follow. When this is not done the mind cannot focus on the goal properly and so no real results are forthcoming. Lack of regular focused attention on the affirmation translates to the mind being unable to manifest any positive projections for the brain to process.

If one is able to make a conscious effort to avoid making all the above mistakes then perhaps there is a very good possibility in being able to attain success in using the affirmations to bring about positive results.


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