Affirmations For Success

The daily practice of affirmations is a good thing to exercise. Affirmations help to build a person up if done with the positive intention of doing so. However, sometimes affirmations can work to give the opposite results.

Everyone has a set of affirmations in their subconscious which has been programmed over the years from either being told or simply forming these affirmations themselves. If the affirmations are of the positive nature then all is well and good, however, if the affirmations are always of the negative nature, then serious consequences can unfold in an individual’s life.

The Starting Point

One way of exercising the technique of affirmation is through the spoken statement. Verbalizing positive statements to describe and relate to a particular theme would be very effective if it is done consistently and continuously. When the affirmation is verbalized often the subconscious mind absorbs it and produces a positive response. However, too much affirmation where it is really not merited will cause an individual on the receiving end of the affirmation to be overconfident and even egotistical.

Using the affirmation technique is a great way to motivate one’s self or those around them. When in a desperate or crisis situation this helpful way of keeping a level and focused mindset is an asset.

Unfortunately, for most people, affirmation is used more in a negative way than in a positive way. By repeatedly affirming a negative statement both verbally or in the thought process, this affirmation is in effect playing a convincing role and eventually produces the negative outcome it touts.

Affirmations embedded in the conscious and the unconscious have the similar workings of a computer system. Meaning the computer can only function on the programs it has been fed. Asking the computer do churn out work it is unfamiliar with simply won’t and can’t happen. Similarly, if the affirmation fed to the individual over time is in the negative form then the product of the individual’s actions will also lean towards the negative.

When the subconscious mind is already programmed to a certain theory or manifesto then it is unlikely the mind will be able to counter this accepted fact in the mind’s eye.

Important Info

Knowing that affirmations are statements made with specific intentions of making a judgment of sorts, these statements may not always be true. However, using affirmations to create a positive outcome is still possible and completely acceptable. Sometimes there is a need to change an already long accepted affirmation that is not contributing to the well being of a situation or person. If the affirmation continues to play an influential role unchecked, then the product of this affirmation will always be as negatively expected.

Negative affirmations put into a young mind can, more often than not, affect the individual as an adult. A lot of people going through difficult periods in their lives have no clue as to how to get themselves out of the negative situation because of the long embedded negative affirmations in their subconscious. Slowly and consciously replacing these negative affirmations with positive ones is one way of gaining back control of life’s direction.

Taking the initiative to start using positive affirmations at every opportunity is a good habit to cultivate. People who are able to always use positive affirmations are happy and popular people indeed. Everyone wants to be in their company and enjoy the positive affirmations they seem to see in everything.

Creating a “new” reality in the mind’s eye is also something that can be done with the help of positive affirmation. Constantly feeding the thought process with positive affirming statements helps to build confidence levels and this, in turn, is clearly shown in the individual’s demeanor and daily life.


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