Affirmations For Success

Writing affirmations is not something unusual or new. In fact, it has long been practiced and encouraged by motivational speakers, teachers, and other types of “building” self-empowerment promoters. Having a set of affirmations in life is a good thing to be able to draw on. However, having sound knowledge of how to best use affirmation to the advantage of positivity, is a challenge. When the art of affirmation is used incorrectly, it is of no value to anyone, or worse, it brings about negative energy.

Do It Right

There are various methods available for those interested in using affirmation techniques as a way of life. Perhaps the one that comes most highly recommended is the style of written affirmations. This particular style of affirmation has very positive and powerful benefits.

Here are some keys as to how to write and use affirmations correctly:

  • Write the affirmation using the present tense. When the affirmation is written in the present tense it creates a pattern in the mindset to identify and agree with the body and the surrounding elements to create the necessary circumstances in the present. This helps to aid the individual in executing any actions immediately and not in some distant future. Which in turn keeps procrastination at bay.
  • Use the inner voice to agree with the affirmation written. Writing an affirmation that is possibly linked to unreal expectations will not allow the body and mind to work together to achieve the intended goal. The inner voice must be on board with the goal set and affirmation can help this happen.
  • Keep the written form short and to the point. If the mind is tired or lazy, it is hard to read a wordy and boring affirmation, no matter how well it is written. Stick to the important points that need to be affirmed.
  • The affirmation must be believable. If there is any doubt linked to the affirmation then the mind is unable to convince the other parts of the body to work towards the goal.
  • Truly desire the affirmation made. If the desire is powerful then the affirmation becomes that much more powerful. Ensure the goal is really and truly what is desired because only then will positive affirmation make it come to pass.

Put It To Work

It is prudent to increase the chances of having complete effectiveness when exercising these affirmations by knowing just how to use them correctly. Remember that when designing and using affirmations always do so in the present tense. If the reference is made to the future, then there is no specific timeline or urgency in the affirmation statement.
Using affirmations that have a true ring to them is the correct way to go. Making up affirmations that are impossible and then verbalizing them is simply ridiculous and the mind cannot be fooled all the time.
Expressing emotion and sincerity when making a reference to the affirmation is what builds the passion and hunger to see the goal of the affirmation realized. The mind and the universe will be one in agreement based on the fervency of the affirmation.
Sticking firmly to an affirmation is the way to ensure the power and focus remain constant. It also allows for the affirmation to be tracked more clearly. Have affirmations that are believable. In this way, the brain and body can agree with the affirmation and work together without being confused.
Greeting the day with the announcement of the affirmation help the individual remember and keep the affirmation and intended goal alive. Sometimes there is a need to be constantly reminded of the affirmation, therefore writing it on small cards and carrying them around while referring to them occasionally during the day is a good tool.


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