When Exercise Isn’t Enough to Beat Severe Depression

There are 9 different types of depression recognized by clinical psychologists and mental health experts. Major Depression and Persistent Depressive Disorder are 2 of the more severe conditions.

In those cases, exercise may provide a short-term boost in energy and effectively elevates your mood and lowers your stress levels. However, shortly after exercising or working out this benefit can disappear. In some cases, exercise does little to treat the more severe cases of depression. This is when speaking with a mental health professional or psychologist may be required. There are medicinal and psychological treatments which have been proven to effectively treat the more resilient forms of depression.

Sometimes beating these resistant cases of depression just boils down to finding the emotional or psychological cause. Severe depression can also be triggered by surgery and certain medical procedures.

Remember at all times that depression is not a sign of weakness or a poor character trait – it is an illness. Just like all other illnesses, it must be treated correctly. In some cases, this means that regular exercise is enough to give you the mental health and well-being you’re looking for.

In other cases, your depression may be so severe you can’t find the motivation to exercise at all. This is when it’s time to seek help from a trained professional. Continue exercising if you can, because it does provide so many short-term and long-term mental and physical benefits.

Just make sure you seek some type of psychological treatment as soon as possible. The debilitating effects of chronic and severe depression get increasingly worse over time if not treated.

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