8 Workouts You Can Easily Do Inside Your Home

Is the inability (monetary or otherwise) to access a gym your excuse for not exercising regularly? Well, now you have no more excuses. Here’s a list of exercise routines that can be done right in the comfort of your home.

1. Sit-ups
A huge number of people struggle with keeping abdominal fat at bay, which makes sit-ups a must-feature routine for your in-home workouts. Sit-ups are effective and easy-to-do, which means you can achieve several reps in as little as 10 minutes. Crunches and other ab workouts will do just as well to burn belly fat and strengthen abdominal muscles.

2. Push-ups 
The push-up may be one of the oldest forms of exercise but it’s still gold since it delivers several benefits including working several upper body muscles and even helping to raise your metabolism. The great thing about push-ups is that you can modify the intensity to your liking or level of comfort. For instance, do them on one hand to increase the intensity, or perform them on your knees instead to make the routine easier to perform.

3. Jumping Jacks 
An elementary school throwback, jumping jacks are a fun and great cardio workout. They also require zero equipment, are easy to do, and don’t require much attention to perform. Therefore, you can do them anywhere and at any given time even as you watch your favorite TV show.

4. Jogging In Place
This is one of the best options to go for when you’re choosing which home workouts to perform. It’s super easy to do, gives your heart a good workout, and is a good calorie burner.

5. Rope Jumping 
Jumping rope may seem like child’s play but it’s in fact a great form of exercise. It will raise your heart rate fast, knock the wind out of you, and give your calves a good workout.

6. Squats
Squats are a great choice if you want a killer butt and legs. All you need to do is strategically lower your body up and down several times or perform jump squats to make the workout more intense.

7. Weight Lifting
From improved bone density to increased heart health to a heightened metabolism during and after workouts, the benefits of weightlifting are many and vast. So, if you want your home workouts to count, weight lifting is another must-feature routine. The best part about weight lifting is that you don’t have to invest in costly equipment or lift heavy weights to enjoy the benefits. Small dumbbells, kettlebells, or even homemade weights (cans, water bottles, etc.) will deliver good enough results.

8. Dancing
Dance is a great form of exercise since it doesn’t feel like work yet burns a ton of calories and gets your heart rate going. It even works to lift your spirits. To turn dance into exercise, simply download dance workout videos and you are good to go.

Working out at home comes with several benefits. It’s easy to stick to, cheap, fun, requires very little preparation, and best of all can be done in many ways. So, get moving and start exercising!

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