6 Less Common Ways to Get Fit

Getting fit doesn’t always have to be done in the gym or running outside. There are actually many activities most people do for fun but are actually good at burning calories. The calories noted are for a 150-pound person doing that activity for an hour.



1. Trampoline – One of the latest crazes here in the United States are trampolines with cages around them so kids can’t actually bounce off them and possibly get hurt. While they are fun to use, a person can also burn 238 calories.

2. Sports – While too numerous to mention all of them, two of America’s favorite – basketball and football – burn 408 and 544 calories respectively.


3. Water Activities – As far as individual sports where you get wet, two favorites are swimming and scuba diving. Each is great as they are low impact, making them easy on the joints yet good exercise. Swimming at a 75-yards per minute pace burns 748 calories. Slowing it down a little to 50-yards per minute still burns 544 calories. Skin-diving or scuba is another fun sport, but this time under the water. Expect to burn 476 calories while marveling at the colorful fish and coral found under the surface. If snorkeling is more your water sport, it burns around 340 calories.

4. Lawn and Garden – While most people look at mowing grass as one of the drudgeries of homeownership, that weekly chore is good exercise. Expect to burn 374 calories pushing a power mower. After mowing the yard, you can weed the garden. Do so and burn up to 306 calories. In the fall after the leaves have fallen off of the trees, raking them up must be done. It burns 292 calories.

5. Dancing – Most view this as entertainment instead of one way at getting fit, but it is actually very good exercise. Depending on the type of dancing done, burn 204 to 374 calories.

6. Cross-country skiing – This is one of the highest calorie-burning activities per time spent. Depending on the speed, expect to burn from 476 to 1,122 calories.

To put the number of calories burned in perspective when measured with food, consider these caloric values:

• Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte made with whole milk – 272
• McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese – 704
• A glass of wine (3.5 fluid ounces) 79
• Snicker’s Bar – 273
• Can of Coca-Cola – 207
• Carrot – 30

With these kinds of numbers, it is easy to see why one can’t out-exercise a bad diet. It takes almost two hours of mowing the yard to burn off that Big Mac you had at lunch. Not to mention the 340 calories in your medium fries and 207 in your Coca-Cola. Super-sizing just adds more calories.

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