5 Reasons to Get Your Workout Done Early in the Day

Some of us are morning people and some are not. However, the morning is the best time of day to get in a workout for several reasons. Here are five you may want to consider:

Reduce stress

Regardless of the time of day exercising releases endorphins and dopamine and reduces the amount of cortisol in your bloodstream. By doing your workouts in the morning, you’ll go to work in a better mood and happier because of the “endorphin rush” which can last up to 39 hours. Not only will your coworker relationships improve, but so will your productivity.

Have more energy

A workout first thing in the morning ramps up our metabolism and keeps it at a higher level for up to 24 hours afterward. Not only does this increase your energy level, but burns more calories than if you would not have hit the gym. Exercising in the morning has also proved to reduce cravings, which as we all know in the end sap our energy and raise havoc with our waistline.

Sleep better

Studies have proven it over and over. Those who exercise in the morning sleep better than people who exercise at other times of the day (or not at all). Both your quantity and quality of sleep will improve. Researchers are not sure why this happens, but why fight results. We can all use better sleep.

You won’t run out of time

Doing a workout right away in the morning locks in time to get it done. If done late in the day or after work, you might not have the time or energy left to do anything. Another day slips by without exercising. Soon, not exercising becomes the norm instead of the exception and it gets harder and harder to get in a workout.

Spend more time with family

This is perhaps the number one reason for exercising early in the day. If you get up early, why not get your workout in right away or on the way to work. The rest of your family is still sleeping and won’t miss you. By trying to get a workout done on the way home from work, you are missing out on quality time with your spouse and kids. It may not sound like a big deal now, but it is something you’ll regret as you get older – not spending more time with your family.

These are just five of the more important reasons why you should get your workout done right away in the morning. There are others too numerous to mention here; be assured you’ll be better off exercising in the morning.

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