An Introduction To Fitness

No matter to which age group you belong to – teenage, your 20’s, or your 30’s you must love your body and take care of it.

To get and maintain a healthy body you ought to connect yourself to a routine with a regular exercise schedule. If your body has the capability to do everything and enjoy doing leisure activities as well, then you are physically fit. Also, for a fit body, it is easy to take on the stress and do some work even in times that are adverse.

Physical fitness is all about the good health of the heart, muscles, lungs and all the body parts. The fitness of the body is based on the restrictions that are put on the body physically and what all one is able to do in a certain lifestyle, like what you eat and what are your habits.

Here is a little history about the components used in physical fitness. With a fit body, one can survive longer as the body has more capacity to keep and maintain the required levels of oxygen and all the nutrients that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body.

If the body is flexible one can do a lot of varied activities and move the body in various styles and also move the joints. Stamina can be increased with exercises like jogging, swimming and running whereas if one does the pushups and lift weights the muscles can be made stronger.

The workout must be planned in such a manner that all these components are included. One of the most essential things to beginning every workout is to start with warm-up exercises. When the body is warmed it actually puts the muscles in such a condition where they can hold the stress of rigorous exercises. And after the exercises, a few exercises must be such which make the body cool again. Never do too many exercises.

It is good to go for a walk daily, but if you do pushups on a regular basis it may have adverse effects on the body. The schedule for physical activities must be planned in a manner where the body becomes prepared for all kinds of activities. The body must be competent to do simple as well as rigorous exercises. The exercises must be cardiovascular as well as strength based. To start with one can plan a schedule where he/she exercises two or three times a week.

As time passes one can increase the duration and frequency.

Along with exercises, one must also take care of his/her diet. For those who are exercising to shed excess weight, follow a diet which has less caloric food and gives more strength to the body. On an average 240 to 400 calories are burned cycling and 740 to 800 calories jogging.

One must avoid eating excess salt and sugar. Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine should be avoided. Drink a lot of water and remove saturated fats from your diet.


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