What Causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the name of a condition which causes weakening of the bones, but as this ‘condition’ is becoming more common today, people are beginning to ask, ‘what causes osteoporosis in the first place?’
Bones are not solid, they are porous and any reduction in bone density means less bone and more ‘pores’. Testing for osteoporosis is a measure of the density of our bones. When a person’s bone density drops below a specified level, the subject is diagnosed as having osteoporosis.
There are many reasons why people suffer from osteoporosis. One of these is the imbalance that occurs between new bone production made by osteoblasts and bone reabsorption from osteoclasts. When the rate of bone reabsorption is higher than the rate of bone tissue creation, demineralization and bone thinning will start to occur.

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